Plan + Design + Engineering + Installation + Service What is asphalt? Asphalt concrete, normally known simply as asphalt or (HMA) hot mix asphalt, is a composite material commonly used for construction of pavement, highways and parking lots. It consists of asphalt binder and mineral aggregate mixed together then laid down in layers and compacted. […]


Line Striping | Traffic Flow | ADA Parking Lot The importance of professionally applied pavement markings is often overlooked in the pavement maintenance & facility industry.  Asphalt Solutions understands that no matter how good the new paving looks on the job, if the striping is not bright, sharp, and clean, the overall impression of the […]


There can be many different reasons for making repairs to the asphalt in your parking areas. Deterioration begins with symptoms such as hairline cracking, potholes, root damage, raveling or “alligator” cracking, just to name a few.

Crack Sealing

Sealing Your Cracks Prevent Costly Repairs To prevent water from infiltrating to the base it is recommended that a hot rubberized crack sealant be professionally applied with professional crack sealing equipment.  Cold applied crack sealing materials available at Hardware Stores / Home Improvement Chains are designed to be applied to residential driveways and are not capable […]

Seal Coating

Sealcoating protects and maintains the life of your asphalt and should generally be done every 3-5 years depending on traffic conditions and weather.

Disaster/Restoration Services

At Asphalt Solutions, we offer emergency disaster restoration services and complete site clean up that will allow you to have peace of mind.