This customer had several problem with the former contractor keeping a schedule.  The last contractor took over 4 months to complete the area.  We worked up a plan to finish 500,000 sq. ft. of parking lot space (crack-fill, seal coat 2 coats, and stripe) in 5 days.  The customer did not believe this could be done but was willing to work with us to try.  We set up a plan in which all crack sealing was to be done after 6 pm on a Sunday night and would be complete in all sections by the morning.  Then we came in and broke the parking lot up into 3 sections.  We cleaned, sealed 2 coats starting early morning and had the line striping done first thing the next day just in time for us to start the next section.   To the clients surprise we not only keep our schedule but finish one day earlier doing it in 4 days.