Crack Sealing

Sealing Your Cracks Prevent Costly Repairs

Crack Sealing

To prevent water from infiltrating to the base it is recommended that a hot rubberized crack sealant be professionally applied with professional crack sealing equipment.  Cold applied crack sealing materials available at Hardware Stores / Home Improvement Chains are designed to be applied to residential driveways and are not capable of giving you the performance or longevity which is standard from hot poured crack sealants. 

Hot rubberized crack sealing in asphalt parking lots, roads, shopping centers, HOA Associations and other asphalt surfaces is one of the most cost effective preventative maintenance process’s available. ¬†Any effective Pavement Management Plan includes annual hot rubberized crack sealing.

Who uses crack sealing?
* Property & Facility Managers
* Homeowner (HOA) Communities
* Shopping Centers
* Apartments & Condominiums
* Office Complexes
* Industrial Parks
* Any Owners / Managers of Asphalt Parking Lots

It is important to begin a crack sealing program at the first sign of crack developing which can be anywhere from 2-5 years after initial asphalt installation.  

How Much Does It Cost To Crack Seal An Asphalt Parking Lot:

The average cost to crack seal an asphalt parking lot ranges from $0.60 lineal foot to $1.10 lineal foot.  The cost depends on the total quantity of footage, preparation work, width & depth of the crack and the specification of materials used.